Zdjęcie produktu Prophylactic men

Prophylactic men

(Symbol 7113)

Description of product :

Product description:
Prophylactic socks with antimicrobial, antiperspirant and non-copressive properties  are made of 100% cotton yarn with SILBERSCHULTZ ™ agent, containing silver ions. The silver ions contained in the yarn minimize the growth of microorganisms in the product and thus limit their growth on the skin above the natural level, providing long lasting antimicrobial properties while preventing the formation of unpleasant odors. The design of the shank gives the elasticity and correct adhesion of the socks to the legs, which reduces pressure during walking, ensuring a smooth flow of blood in the venous vessels preventing the formation of varicose veins. The toes are sewn with a flat seam which prevents abrasions and skin irritations in this part of the foot.

Prophylactic socks are recommended for: 
-circulatory disorders in the feet,
-anti-atherosclerosis prevention
-anti-varicose vein prevention
-diabetic foot syndrome,
-weakening of muscle strength, muscular dystrophy,
People with "sensitive feet" caused by the failure of overloaded fatty-elastic tissue on the plantar side and biceps on the distorted joints.

How to use:
Preventive socks with antimicrobial, antiperspirant and non-compressive properties should be putted directly on clean, dried feet in a manner that eliminates the formation of folds and other thickening.Preventive socks can only be used as new or after cleaning (washing) process.

77% Cotton
21,5% Polyamid
1,5% Elastane