Welcome at socks.pl – website of polish sock manufacturer CERBER. Worried about COVID 19 situation and having our public safety in mind we have started to produce the new type of SILVER AG+ MASKS with silver ions. We are inviting You to the NEWS page. It is possible to place an order via CONTACT page, where we are also looking forward to answer any questions that You may have.

Company P.P.H.U. "CERBER" was established in 1992.

From the very beginning our main goal was manufacturing high quality products.

By careful selection of excellent raw materials and our high standards of quality control, we managed to achieve our goal. Our machine park is one of the most modern in the country. We have fully computerized machines made by Italian and Czech  manufacturers like LONATI, MATEC and two cylinder engines for the production of non-compressive socks.

We have recently expanded our potential with a very modern  machines for the production of seamless socks, in other words, without traditional seam in the toes. Rich and versatile machinery park gives our company a broad spectrum of productive capabilities and the products meet the individual requirements of our customers.



The quality of our products is the thing to which we attach the highest possible weight. We care about the satisfaction of our customers because only their good opinions are our satisfaction and joy.


Thanks to our wide range of machines we are able to create almost every imaginable sock by our demanding customers as well as by our design team is based on the latest world technologies and fashion trends.


If someone is looking for cheap socks it is unfortunately not Us.

We can not afford to produce cheap, so questionable quality products because we care about your satisfaction, and rarely can be reconciled with a low price because good raw materials are expensive.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer



If You are interested in our products, we are looking forward to cooperate with You. We have lots of experience as a manufacturer of many types of socks for different companies in different countries and matching Your expectations is what we are aiming for. If highest quality is what You expect from your own products, we are able to make whatever You need.